Video Surveillance For Today

Video surveillance cameras

Video Surveillance For Today

For decades, traditional analogue closed-circuit television (CCTV) has been the industry standard for security cameras. IP surveillance takes the tried-and-true capabilities of CCTV and updates it for the challenges of today by recording and storing video over a network right to a hard drive or cloud.

Whether your business or home is ready to upgrade your security camera system, or you’re looking for the latest in IP video surveillance, Norfolk Secure Tek Systems Inc. specializes in IP surveillance solutions designed to elevate your security platform. Our team has the capabilities to design and deploy an IP surveillance network optimized for your home or business at the most cost-effective pricing in the industry.

Keep an eye on what matters to you:

  • When children arriving home safely from school or in the evenings.
  • The presence of contractors, house sitters, or deliveries at the front door.
  • The activities of elderly parents and beloved pets when you’re out.
  • See who’s pulling into your driveway … and more!


CCTV & Camera Systems are a high growth category in the security industry with many high-quality & affordable offerings now available in the marketplace for both residential & commercial customers.

We recommend “IP Based” camera systems as they are undoubtedly the future of video surveillance, IP cameras offer the following advantages over analogue:

  • Higher Image Quality – Higher pixel resolution of the IP cameras means you can zoom into much more details of a scene even after it is recorded, without losing clarity.
  • Power Over Ethernet Cable (POE) – No need for a separate power source for each camera.
  • Easy Management – IP cameras can be easily managed and controlled remotely.

Camera systems today have many benefits for both residential and commercial installations including:

  • Deter Property Crime – when combined with an alarm system , Cameras offer a highly effective method of crime deterrence. Even at night intruders will stay away from properties with cameras due to the visible glow of the infrared night vision.
  • Collecting Evidence – In the unfortunate event of theft occurring at your home or business,  the recorded footage can provide valuable evidence that can be used to identify and prosecute the offender in a court of law.
  • Deter Workplace theft –  Who’s watching your Cash registers? Camera systems reduce work place theft of both cash and inventory by both customers and employees.
  • Workplace safety – Install Cameras to record areas where safety may be an issue or monitor staff actions and compliance’s.